Protect Jobs and Support Workers

Every working person in Manitoba has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, working families are relying on government to protect their jobs and support them through fiscal uncertainty. 

We know supporting workers is important not only because it helps families but also because it will help to reduce the spread of coronavirus and safeguard our economy. 

The Manitoba NDP is committed to working with the provincial government to immediately:

  • Provide paid, protected leave for every worker who has to self-isolate, or care for a sick loved one because of COVID-19;
  • Provide presumptive Workers Compensation coverage for all workers who contract COVID-19, including health care workers;
  • Recognizing that many workers and their families cannot avoid the potential hazard of contracting COVID-19 in their workplace, compensate them with 'hazard pay'; and

  • Top up Employment Insurance with income supports for impacted workers and ensure no Manitoban will stop receiving benefits during the pandemic.

I Support Job Protections and Compensation for Workers 

Will you sign?