Protect Child Care for All Kids

After causing months of chaos and uncertainty for child care centres and parents, the Pallister government is now planning to cut supports to those who need it the most - kids with exceptional needs and parents who rely on affordable child care. 

The Manitoba NDP has revealed the province paid KPMG consultants nearly $250,000 on a review of the province’s child care sector. Now, the province is pushing a series of cuts to child care centres and nursery schools—including a proposal to cut inclusion support funding for children with exceptional needs.  

On top of that the Pallister government is trying to cut a grant for nursery schools. It ensured schools could accept kids with exceptional needs and pay for staff to support them throughout the day. It also helped to subsidize the cost of child care for all parents. Without the money, parents could see their fees double or triple and centers will be forced to turn away kids with exceptional needs.  

Affordable child care is essential; not just so that parents can go back to work, but for the developmental wellbeing of kids. The Pallister Conservative’s plan hurts some of the most vulnerable children and it needs to be stopped. 

We’re fighting back against this cut on behalf of Manitoba families and kids but we need your help.

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