Premier Stefanson’s Privatization Plan Won’t Save the Health Care System She Helped Break

Days after the ER at Children’s Hospital experienced its highest single-day patient count, the Premier laid out her plan to undermine accessible, public health care by promising to privatize health care services in Manitoba.

“Nothing the Premier said today offers any help for parents who are dealing with a global Tylenol shortage or for patients at Children’s Hospital,” said Leader of the Official Opposition Wab Kinew. “In fact, she did the opposite – her privatization plan goes against fundamental Canadian values, making it harder for families to get the care they need. The right to health care should never depend on what’s in your wallet. The NDP built public health care and we’ll defend it.”

After cutting public health care for years, the PCs are now offering privatization as the only solution. Just like Brian Pallister, who privatized critical air ambulance services, Premier Stefanson is marching ahead with privatizing more of Manitoba’s health care.  Affordable, accessible health care is a Canadian right that must be protected.

The Throne speech also included recycled announcements that fail to address root causes like poverty, addiction and cuts to education. Manitoba families want to feel proud of their province and want dignity for every person, but years of PC cuts to schools, community organizations and health care have contributed to higher crime rates and safety issues downtown.

“Yet another opportunity for the Premier to prove that she’s different from Brian Pallister has come and gone. This vision for the province is just a vague collection of things the PCs have attempted and failed to accomplish,” said NDP House Leader Nahanni Fontaine. “Our team is focused on making life better for families with a plan to hire nurses and invest in public health care, freeze Hydro rates and bring dignity and safety to everyone in our downtown.”