Pallister's Phase II Cuts Mean More Stress on Manitoba Nurses

Dear supporters,

Someone’s deleted a video that was publicly visible this week outlining deletions coming for nurses and staff at HSC and Children’s Hospital in the government’s next phase of health cuts and closures.

They probably deleted it because it contradicts what the government is saying.

The video says the nursing positions in the following areas will be deleted: Children’s emergency; Paediatric intensive care; CK5 (children’s haematology & oncology); Adult dialysis; Adult mental health.

These are highly specialized areas; you can be well trained in one area but that doesn’t mean you can walk in and deliver chemo to a child on day one in a new job.

The video also shows managers admitting that phase I of Pallister’s health cuts was “stressful.” They also acknowledge these deletions will disrupt nurses’ lives and give child care as an example.

That’s the opposite of what government says - they claim everything is going smoothly.

We can do better in Manitoba - we need upstream interventions in health to keep people healthy at home. What we don’t need is a government who cuts first and asks questions later, and who doesn’t seem to understand that people are at the heart of our health care.

- Wab Kinew