Pallister Abandons Lake Winnipeg: Refuses to Invest in Upgrades to North End Sewage Treatment Plant

WINNIPEG, MB – Today Brian Pallister announced he’s refusing to address the most important measure to help save Lake Winnipeg: upgrading the North End Sewage Plant. Pallister continues to pick needless fights with other levels of government, hurting our environment and delaying important projects.

In February 2019, while vacationing in Costa Rica, Pallister tried to pull funding dedicated for the North End wastewater treatment upgrades, directing the City of Winnipeg to use the previously committed $34.4 million for other projects.

"Brian Pallister is taking recycling to a new level – recycling his broken promises and crossing his fingers Manitobans will believe him this time, said Lisa Naylor, NDP candidate for Wolseley. “Pallister broke his promises on health care, and he broke them on the environment too. How
can Manitobans believe anything Brian Pallister says?”

“While Brian Pallister continues to refuse to upgrade the North End Sewage Plant, the NDP will work together with the City to get the job done and protect our lake for generations to come,” said Naylor.

Wab Kinew and Manitoba’s NDP will take bold action to help protect Lake Winnipeg and other waterways, including $500 million to fully fund the provincial share of much-needed North End Water Pollution Control Centre upgrades.

The upgrades will allow the treatment plant, which treats 70% of Winnipeg’s sewage, to remove phosphorus and nitrogen from the effluent it sends into the Red River.