Overtime at St. Boniface Puts Nurses and Patients at Risk

We've been hearing for months now that nurses working at some of the busiest hospitals in Manitoba are being forced to work long mandatory overtime shifts -- sometimes 16 hours in a row. 

This is causing burnout, exhaustion and major stress on nurses but it's also putting patients at risk. In wards with vulnerable and complex patients Pallister's cuts are even more dangerous. We recently saw nurses from the St. Boniface Hospital neo-natal intensive care unit raise concerns about newborns and premature babies being impacted by these cuts.

This week, we received a letter from a retired nurses, whose daughter works at St. Boniface Hospital and has been consistently forced to work overtime.  
The Pallister government is refusing to admit that nurses and patients are bearing the brunt of their cuts.  When we talk to nurses, we hear how much these cuts hurt. Health care workers do this work for more than a pay cheque. They care about their patients and they want to improve lives.

The Pallister government's attack on healthcare is hurting vulnerable patients and the people who care for them.The NDP believes in supporting front line workers.  We believe in a strong health care system that ensures every Manitoban has access to quality care. 

- Wab Kinew