Only Eric Redhead and Wab Kinew are Ready to Lead the North Forward

Treaty 5 and Dakota territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Thompson MBBuilding on decades of northern representation, the NDP’s Eric Redhead and Wab Kinew launched their campaign ready to fight PC cuts and offer a brighter future for families in the Thompson constituency. 

“Families in the Thompson constituency are looking for hope,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “For six years the PC government has ignored the north and allowed their health care and highways to deteriorate and the cost of living to go up. This by-election is about choosing a brighter future for the north with more opportunities and an affordable way of life.”  

“When I talk to people on the doorstep, they tell me they feel abandoned by this government. Things were bad under Brian Pallister, but Premier Stefanson has made life even harder,” said Redhead. “It’s clear that Wab Kinew’s NDP is the only party northern families trust to fix health care, make highways safer and put people first. I’m running in this election to solve the problems the PCs have caused like the hot water shortage in the Thompson hospital, the closure of the Thompson footcare clinic and the cuts to highway maintenance that put our safety at risk.” 

Eric Redhead was born and raised in Thompson and he lives here with his children. As a former health care aide, he’s seen first-hand how PC cuts have hurt people and made their lives worse. As the former Chief of Shamattawa during the worst wave of the pandemic, he stepped up when provincial leadership failed, bringing in the Red Cross and military to protect families and save lives.  

Eric Redhead and his team have been hard at work since launching their campaign weeks ago. So far he has knocked on more than 500 doors, put up over 100 lawn signs and raised thousands of dollars to support another NDP victory in Thompson.