Reset the Relationship with Nurses


The Pallister Conservatives broke their promise to front line nurses. Their health care cuts have caused chaos and uncertainty for nurses who are struggling to give their patients the care they deserve. 

When the Conservatives closed emergency rooms across Winnipeg and fired hundreds of nurses it threw our system into a crisis. Nurses are burnt out from working forced overtime, the remaining ERs have reached "critical and unsafe levels", patients are being transported to Brandon because of bed shortages and our hospitals are unable to cope with the winter flu virus.  

Nurses want the best care possible for their patients. They should be able to focus on delivering services, instead of trying to navigate through Pallister’s rushed cuts.

The Manitoba NDP is listening to front-line health workers and ready to reset government's relationship with nurses. We're committed to putting the brakes on the Pallister Conservative's cuts by hiring more nurses, ending mandatory overtime and making the smart investments needed to heal our system from their cuts. 

We're ready to take care of nurses so they can take care of us.

Want to know more about cuts to front line workers? Read a letter from St. Boniface ER nurses to the Pallister government here.

I support Manitoba nurses and call on Pallister to stop the cuts and respect front line healthcare workers.

Will you sign?