New Democrats End the Year with More Than $1M in Revenue

Manitoba New Democrats are posting more than $1 million in total annual revenue in their 2020 Annual Return. It is the Party’s largest total revenue in a non-election year in the last five years.

“New Democrats are serious about winning the next election, and a strong financial outlook for the Party is one important step in the path to government,” said NDP President Lonnie Patterson. “In the last year we’ve seen more Manitobans join our movement, participate in our campaigns and donate to our war chest. In the face of a Conservative government that is cutting health care and education and attacking workers, Manitobans are looking to New Democrats for a better vision.”

The NDP has filed their annual return to Elections Manitoba on time, the only major political party in Manitoba to do so. The Party noted $1,094,764 in total revenue for the year, with more than $800,000 of that revenue coming from donations. The Party has eliminated its 2019 election campaign debt, paid out constituency associations and put a quarter of million dollars into the election war chest.

Despite the pandemic’s impacts on local fundraising, the annual return proves 2020 was a successful fundraising year for New Democrats. The Party’s annual end-of-year fundraising campaign generated the highest amount of donations since the Party was in government. The Party held a well-attended, energetic virtual Convention where NDP members voted 93% in support of Leader Wab Kinew.