NDP Takes Action to Protect Renters

Winnipeg, MB – Today the Manitoba NDP caucus took action to protect affordability for renters in Manitoba.

NDP Leader Wab Kinew announced that Bill 12, introduced by the government in March of 2018, will be delayed until the legislature returns in the fall. Currently, renters have the right to object to rent increases of any amount for good cause, such as a failure by the landlord to maintain their unit or building. Bill 12 would strip many renters of that right. If it is passed, only renters who are facing an increase that exceeds a specific amount will be able to object.

“Manitobans deserve safe, affordable housing. This bill would strip many renters of their right to object if rent increases are unfair or unjustified. That’s not right,” said Kinew. “We’re going to be delaying Bill 12 to give Manitobans a chance to weigh in, and give the government an opportunity to reconsider how their bill will make life harder for renters in Manitoba.”

Also today, a bill that would ensure renters in Manitoba are protected from being hit with both high rent increases and high utility rate increases was introduced by NDP MLA Rob Altemeyer.

Bill 222, The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act (Protecting Tenants from Rising Utility Costs) would require landlords to make energy efficient renovations that reduce tenants’ heating, electrical and water bills, before they are able to apply for rent increases that exceed the maximum allowable amount.

“Today I’m proud on behalf of our caucus to be protecting renters across Manitoba from unaffordable rent increases. Under this legislation, landlords would have to reduce heat, hydro, and water costs before they can get approval for large rent increases,” said Altemeyer. “We can’t have a situation where renters are getting hit with Pallister’s hydro increases, and high rent increases at the same time.”