NDP Re-introduce Bill to Create Gender-Neutral Identification

Winnipeg, MB--NDP Leader Wab Kinew re-introduced a bill in the House today to allow for gender-neutral government issued identification, like birth certificates.

The Bill will amend The Vital Statistics Act to give individuals the option to select a gender-neutral identifier on their birth certificate, instead of an “M” or “F” gender identifier. If passed, individuals could update their information with Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency to get a gender neutral birth certificate, and then proceed to get their gender identifier changed on other forms of government issued ID.

Kinew first brought forward the bill in the last Legislative session, where it was voted down by the Pallister government. Kinew restated the importance of making sure that everyone is accepted by their government, and called on Brian Pallister to support it.

“All Manitobans deserve to be accepted by their government. Currently non-binary Manitobans are forced to choose a gender on their ID that doesn’t match who they are,” said Kinew. “Our bill is an important step towards the goal of a fully inclusive and supportive province. We hope the Pallister government will abandon their ideological stance against this bill and vote in favour of non-binary Manitobans.”

Currently, gender-neutral identifiers are available on government issued identification in Ontario, Newfoundland, and the Northwest Territories, as well as on Canadian passports.