NDP Nominate Mitch Obach to Make Life More Affordable for Working Families in Selkirk

The Manitoba NDP nominated Selkirk teacher Mitch Obach to run for the NDP in 2023.

“Times are tough right now for families in Selkirk,” said Obach. “With the price of gas and groceries skyrocketing, families are cancelling summer vacations and worrying about the future. But instead of giving working families a break the PCs are raising hydro rates while refusing to raise minimum wage. Families in Selkirk want a government that works hard to make their life more affordable and invests in good jobs and training to help them build a good life. It's clear only Wab Kinew and the NDP can get it done.”

Mitch Obach lives with his wife in Selkirk where he teaches in the Lord Selkirk School Division and coaches youth sports. He is deeply committed to the local community, and has served on many community boards including the Interlake Thunder Football Club of which he is the founder and longtime President, the Selkirk Community Renewal Corporation, the Selkirk Community Choir and the Interlake Regional Health Authority.  Mitch holds a Master’s degree in Community Development.

“Mitch Obach is a strong community leader who will work hard for the people of Selkirk,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “As an educator he knows how PC cuts have hurt our kids and he is committed to building a brighter future for them. The Manitoba NDP is listening to families in Selkirk and the Interlake who want a government that fixes health care and invests in good jobs and opportunities for working families.”