NDP delay PC bills that make life harder, more expensive for Manitoba families

The Official Opposition delayed 5 PC bills so Manitobans have more time to learn about them and fight back.  

“Manitobans want to look forward to a brighter future, but under the PC government life is only getting harder and more expensive,” said NDP House Leader Nahanni Fontaine. “While the PCs put the interests of their wealthy friends ahead of the average Manitoban, we are taking a stand to protect children and communities from harmful pesticides and ensure Manitobans have a fair hearing. As costs go up for families, we are fighting to keep hydro and MPI rates low. As the Official Opposition it’s our job to give Manitobans time to learn more about these bills so they can speak out and fight back.”  

The NDP fought to make life more affordable by delaying bill 36 which effectively allows cabinet to raise hydro rates by 5% per year and opens the door to privatization, and bill 14, which would cost MPI rate payers more.  

The NDP delayed Bill 22 which would lift a ban on harmful pesticides, putting the health of families and the future of sustainable businesses at risk, and bill 13 which silences the voices of Manitobans on EIA and other forms of social assistance and limits their ability to advocate for themselves. The NDP also delayed bill 24 to give municipalities more time to study the impacts of the bill.