NDP Condemns Pallister’s Fake Support for Veterans

WINNIPEG, MB – Brian Pallister has nothing to offer on supporting our veterans.

“How dare Pallister claim he supports veterans. He flew all the way to France and then couldn’t be bothered to show up at the 75th D-Day commemorations at Juno Beach,” said Nahanni Fontaine, NDP candidate for St. Johns. “There is absolutely no excuse – these veterans sacrificed everything for our freedoms and our democracy and Pallister didn’t show them the respect they deserve”.

Today Pallister claimed to support veterans, saying “We also know how important it is to recognize the incredible sacrifices our veterans have made for the freedoms that we enjoy today and too often perhaps some of us take for granted.”

In June 2019, Pallister flew to France using taxpayers’ dollars, but failed to attend the 75th anniversary commemoration of D-Day. And at a later event, Pallister ignored the assembled veterans. And Pallister has made several funding cuts to staff and services at Deer Lodge Centre for elderly veterans and their families.

“It’s clear Pallister pays lip service to our veterans but doesn’t care to show up when it matters most,” said Fontaine. “Manitobans have had enough of Pallister’s false words and need leaders who will show veterans the respect they deserve.”

Here’s what veterans and their families had to say about Pallister:

• “I think that was very poor of him. I don't know what's the matter with Pallister. Who raised him like that?” Albert Roy (WFP June 11/19)

• "He should have been there. No excuses. Men died to preserve our freedom." John Stoyka (CBC, June 14/19)

• "It really upset my father. It was the most unacceptable behaviour I've seen from a person. Not just a politician — any person.” Dan Roy, son of veteran Albert Roy (WFP June 11/19)