NDP Calls for Return to Legislature as Educators Return to Schools

MLA for St. Johns and NDP House Leader Nahanni Fontaine called on the Pallister government today to recall the Legislature next week so that MLAs can hold the Premier to account for his cuts as schools reopen.

Fontaine called for the province to recall the Legislature September 2nd , the same day teachers and staff return to school.

“If teachers are expected to go back to work, MLAs should have to do the same,” said Fontaine. “For more than six months the Pallister government has refused to answer questions about their failed pandemic policies and deep cuts—like cutting grants for nursery schools—but now it’s time to be accountable. As Manitobans prepare for the return to school, it is crucial the government be transparent and open about their plans.”

The Manitoba NDP has made several attempts to return to the Legislative session, to pass important bills like paid sick leave for Manitoba workers, but the Premier and his House Leader have refused. So far, the House has only sat 27 days in 2020.

“The Pallister government needs to be accountable for their failure to support workers and businesses that were forced to close from this pandemic. They caused chaos for parents and Early Childhood Educators, cut Hydro and public service jobs, and refused to give Manitobans a break on things like rent. Brian Pallister is expecting teachers and other frontline staff to return to work – he should practice what he preaches and call the House back to face the Official Opposition.”