NDP Alternative Throne Speech 2020

Hugs from grandchildren, a normal graduation, holiday dinners with family, visits with friends – these are just some of the sacrifices Manitobans have made since March when COVID-19 hit Manitoba. And for many vulnerable Manitobans these sacrifices have pushed them to a breaking point, leaving them isolated and struggling to make ends meet.

But instead of honoring our sacrifices, the Pallister government is making life harder for Manitobans during the pandemic: cutting nearly 10,000 jobs, ignoring seniors, failing to make schools safe, refusing to give families and businesses the help they need and allowing testing lines to grow longer every day. And now, after coming up short, he’s selling off Manitoba Hydro, our greatest public asset, piece by piece.

We have a better plan. Our plan focuses on 5 key areas: improving our COVID response, investing in safe and strong public schools, keeping Manitoba Hydro public, creating more affordable child care spots so women can return to work, and providing supports for businesses and a living wage for workers.

It's time for a government that matches your commitment.

Read our plan here