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Mitch Obach is an educator, community volunteer and political activist. He is a teacher with the Lord Selkirk School Division, and a deeply involved member of his community, both as a championship coach, and in the performing arts.

In University, Mitch was heavily involved in student union politics. He served as President of the Brandon University Student Union from 2005 to 2006, and he was elected Valedictorian for his graduating class. In recognition of his community activism, he was later recognized as the Brandon University Distinguished Young Alumni of 2015. Mitch is currently completing a Master's degree in Community Development at North Dakota State University.

Mitch's political and social activism led him to work for the NDP Provincial government in several roles, focusing on his passion for rural Manitoba, including work in Agriculture, Conservation, and Rural Development. He is passionate about sustainability, and knows that we can do better as a province to work with farmers to preserve our priceless wetlands.

Mitch has taught in a variety of settings, from middle years classrooms, to developing a high school alternative education program. He currently works in the Lord Selkirk School Division, teaching Grade 8 and 9 English at Lockport School. Through his experience in Education, Mitch knows that Brian Pallister has chosen the wrong path, getting into fights with teachers, cutting funding for vital programs that help students with special needs, and removing the cap on small class-sizes for K-12.

Mitch knows how to organize and grow our community. He founded the Interlake Thunder Football Club in 2011 with the Stonewall Rams Football team. The club has grown from one team to a club that now hosts hundreds of young football players from across the Interlake. Mitch has served on the Thunder Board of Directors, and has helped the club grow, overcome challenges and provide access to youth of all ages. In addition to football, Mitch has been an active coach in baseball and hockey.

Mitch’s interests also include theatre and music. In 2016, along with his wife Kendra, they formed the Interlake Traveling Musical Theatre Company, a group of community members who partner to fundraise with non-profit organizations across the Interlake. Each year, they have toured aMusical production, and helped organizations raise thousands of dollars. He has also performed with Kendra at numerous community events, fundraisers and concerts.

Since moving to the Interlake, Mitch has been active in many organizations as a volunteer and Board member. Some of these organizations include the Selkirk Community Renewal Corporation, the Selkirk Community Choir and the Interlake Regional Health Authority. He was also involved in the Lakeshore Teachers’ Association executive when teaching in Lakeshore School Division.

Mitch and Kendra live in Selkirk where they remain active in many efforts that strengthen their community.



Address: 365 Eveline Street
Selkirk R1A 1N2

Phone: 431-688-3775