Mintu Sandhu Nominated as NDP Candidate in The Maples

Manitoba NDP MLA Mintu Sandhu will be nominated as the New Democrats’ candidate in the Maples constituency today, at an event filled with food, music, family and friends.

“The Maples has been my home for more than thirty years. This community is filled with people who value hard work, generosity and a deep desire to make our province better for the next generation. Today I’m so honored to once again be nominated to run for the NDP in the Maples in the next election,” said Sandhu. “I’m proud to run alongside Wab Kinew and the NDP, to win the next election and form a government that works for all of us.”

Sandhu is an Indo-Canadian who entered politics after a long career in the taxi industry, and who has fought both inside and outside of the Legislature to keep life affordable and safe for workers.  His election in 2019 quintupled the NDP’s share of the votes in the Maples.

Sandhu serves as the NDP’s Critic for MPI. He fought back against the PC cuts he knew were hurting his community, including standing with families of those who had died at Maples Personal Care home; opposing PC increases to autopac rates, hydro bills and tuition; pushing for more support for taxi drivers struggling to survive in the pandemic and advocating for an expansion of the provincial nominee program and the accreditation program for international nurses so that more skilled workers can come to Manitoba.

“Mintu has always stood up for what’s right. He’s a critical part of our NDP caucus and a committed MLA to the people of The Maples,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “Families here know they can count on Mintu to fight for them. Today is the first step towards the next election. With Mintu on our team, the NDP is ready to take on the Conservatives and form a government that works for all of us.”