About Andrew Swan

  • Andrew has been the MLA for Minto since 2004 and has deep family roots in the West End.
  • He loves the diversity in his community and is always touched by the generosity of West End families.
  • As the Justice Minister and Attorney-General, Andrew led balanced measures to improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice system, reducing crime severity by 39% in five years.
  • Andrew is working hard to build an even better future for Manitoba families, whether it’s supporting our schools, securing funding for more child care spaces or improving roads.

Andrew Swan is the Member of the Legislative Assembly for the West End Winnipeg constituency of Minto. First elected in a by-election in 2004, he was re-elected in 2007, 2011 and 2016. An experienced lawyer, Andrew served as the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of Manitoba for five years. Under his leadership, Manitoba experienced the largest drop in crime in the province’s history.

Andrew strengthened the Human Rights Code for the first time in 25 years to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and social disadvantage. He introduced Canada’s first stand-alone restorative justice legislation, with the goal of expanding the use of positive alternatives. He also led reforms to increase the effectiveness of the criminal justice system, and opened Manitoba’s first Mental Health Court.

Andrew advocated for and was successful in pioneering a new community approach to public safety, now operating as the Thunderwing Block by Block program.

Acutely aware of the harm caused by sexual exploitation in his community and others, Andrew succeeded in convincing Ottawa to adopt a new approach to prostitution, to stop criminalizing the victims of exploitation and instead target predators.

From January to April 2016, Andrew served as the Special Envoy for Military Affairs.

Andrew believes that MLAs should be available to assist constituents, and maintains a busy office on Sargent Avenue that has served thousands of Manitobans. As a notary public, he has had the pleasure of assisting countless families with their paperwork for the Provincial Nominee Program.

Andrew is a strong supporter of local schools and organizations. He is a lifelong resident of Winnipeg, with deep family roots in the West End. He and his wife Tamsin, who immigrated to Canada with her family as a child, have two children. Both Rhiannon (17) and Catriona (15) are excelling in public school. They attend First Lutheran Church on Victor Street.

Andrew is a strong believer in the positive impact of sports. He curls at the Thistle Curling Club, and runs half-marathons at a respectable pace. He is a proud supporter of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Winnipeg Jets, but can also be found watching school and community sports across the West End.

Constituency Office

8-794 Sargent Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3E 0B7
Phone 204-783-9860