Manitoba NDP Wraps Successful 2018 Convention



Brandon, MB - The Manitoba NDP 2018 Convention wrapped up today as delegates met in Brandon to focus on building towards the 2020 election and making Brian Pallister a one-term premier.

Throughout Convention 2018, delegates expressed opposition to Pallister’s heath care and education cuts that hurt Manitoba families and seniors. Resolutions were passed rejecting two-tier American-style privatized health care, calling for improved support for those dealing with addictions and mental health, condemning Pallister’s plan to close emergency rooms and urgent care centres and supporting a national universal pharmacare program.

Delegates also passed resolutions calling for the restoration of the smaller class sizes initiative implemented by the NDP government, and a real climate change plan that goes beyond Pallister’s gas tax, which will cost families and small businesses more while doing nothing to help them transition to greener lifestyles. Newly nominated NDP candidate in St. Boniface Blandine Tona spoke passionately about the importance of the francophone community and supporting french language education.

Delegates also unanimously passed motions accepting the report of the Commission to Establish a Safe and Respectful Political Environment and supporting the full implementation of it’s recommendations.

A full list of resolutions passed is available online.

“This convention, we set our sights on 2020. Manitobans have a clear choice, between four more years of Pallister’s cuts and higher bills, or a province where everyone matters, and everyone has an opportunity to succeed,” said Wab Kinew, Leader of the Manitoba NDP. “Our values are Manitoban’s values - of hard work, of caring for our friends and neighbours and of working together to build better futures for all our kids. Coming out of this convention, we are united and focused on making Brian Pallister a one-term Premier.”

Delegates re-elected party president David Woodbury and party treasurer Kim Milne. They also elected ten members to serve on the party executive for the upcoming year.

“I want to thank all delegates for their energy and passion this Convention,” said Woodbury. “We are building towards the next election together as a party. We’ve already made significant progress by clearing our party debt and building capacity in constituencies across Manitoba. While there’s a lot of work ahead, I’m always impressed by the dedication and commitment of our members across Manitoba.