Malaya Marcelino

  • Critic for Immigration and the Status of Women

Malaya Marcelino is a community leader, communications specialist and mother of two. In between running after her two young sons, she provides communications support to the president of a Manitoba-based agribusiness firm and is working on her master’s in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba.

Malaya immigrated to Winnipeg from Manila, Philippines with her family when she was four years old. In that time, she embraced the power of education, excelling in academics and producing community theatre shows in her spare time.

As the oldest sibling in a family of six, and the oldest granddaughter on both sides, Malaya was born a leader. She and her family have always been very active leaders in their communities, including in the immigrant community and in the church. Malaya’s mother, Flor Marcelino, served as the MLA for Logan from 2007 to 2019 and Malaya’s father was recently made an Honorary Consul General of the Philippines. Malaya was taught by example that when you serve others, you do it without the expectation of anything in return.

Malaya is running because she wants better health care and stronger school supports and recreation opportunities for families. In particular, Malaya is an advocate for better mental health supports. She is also very mindful of seniors and their need to age in place, while also ensuring better quality labour conditions for newcomers and migrant workers in the home care sector.

Constituency Office: 849 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg, R3E 0M4
Phone Number: 204-788-0800