Kinew Would Support Improved Mental Health Care for Manitobans

NDP would offer more and more affordable access to care

WINNIPEG — As part of his key commitment to fixing Pallister’s health care crisis and improving health care for Manitobans, Wab Kinew would make targeted investments to make mental-health care more accessible for families and create integrated youth teams in schools.

“Mental health issues have affected almost all families,” said Kinew. “We know there can be stigma around it, which prevents people from asking for help. We also know that for some people the barrier is cost. These measures will help address those problems, as we chart a path toward even more long-term improvements in mental health.”

The measures announced today include:

Expanded affordable counselling - Provide grants to organizations and counsellors who provide sliding scale or free counselling services so they can take on more clients. ($1.5 million annually).

Increase the number of counsellors in ACCESS Centres to better integrate mental health care into primary care. ($3.28m over four years)

Integrated Youth Teams in schools. ($1 million annually) These teams will support young people and their families and caregivers to develop a “one care plan” to ensure the young person does not have to repeat their story and receives appropriate evidence based and respectful care. These teams will also ensure their clients and their families do not have to find their own way through the mental-health system.

Work with post-secondary institutions to develop virtual counselling for postsecondary students, including online chat. ($800,000 start-up)

Appointing a Minister Responsible for Mental Health and Addictions (previously announced). The minister will convene an expert working group to examine how to fund more clinical mental health services to families.