Kinew Would Make Visiting Hospital More Affordable


Pallister = $900 health tax and worse care; Kinew = more affordable hospital visits and better care

WINNIPEG — Wab Kinew would make it more affordable to visit hospital by guaranteeing two hours free parking in all hospitals across Manitoba. This promise is part of his key election commitment to fix Pallister’s health care crisis, which also includes reopening closed ERs, re-hiring nurses, and cancelling cuts to cancer care. And it will help keep life affordable for families.

“Going to the hospital, whether you are a patient or visiting a friend or family member, is often stressful. It’s especially stressful these days, because of the crisis Brian Pallister has caused. Paying for parking only adds to that stress. And for some people, the cost of parking is prohibitive,” said Kinew. “Today we are offering patients and families some help, as part of our commitment to fix health care.”

“When you’re a cancer patient you are most likely on some kind of leave and your finances are compromised,” said Tara Torchia-Wells, cancer survivor and owner of “The Unexpected Gift,” a store that sells supports for people with cancer. “You’re fatigued and sick and walking from the hospital parkade is difficult. If you are simply unable to pay for parking you have to walk blocks and blocks to get to your treatment. I spent more than $500 in the year I received cancer treatment. Any kind of assistance in reducing parking fees for patients would be a great help.”

While Kinew would help everyday families by offering more affordable hospital visits and better care, another term of Brian Pallister would mean more cuts to health services and the introduction of health premiums — a new health tax — that could cost Manitobans $900 per adult.

Kinew noted the commitment would especially benefit patients with disabilities and chronic conditions and their families.