Kinew Would Make Post-Secondary Education More Accessible and Student-Friendly

WINNIPEG — Wab Kinew would help more Manitobans get access to university and college training, and be better prepared for careers of the future.

“While Brian Pallister has created a few lucrative jobs for his powerful friends, regular Manitobans have suffered from his choices. It is harder than ever for a young person to find a good job. And at a time when lifelong education and training has never been more important, Pallister has actually made attending university and college more expensive,” said Kinew. “Businesses have told me that finding skilled workers is a major impediment to growth, so Pallister’s cuts are not just hurting students — they are hurting our economy as a whole. We’ll change that.” 

  • Freeze post-secondary tuition growth to inflation after Brian Pallister forced students to pay tuition increases of as much as 5% higher than inflation. 
  • Help thousands of post-secondary students pay for their schooling while learning valuable job skills with work-integrated-learning opportunities such as paid apprenticeships and job placements in the summer. 
  • Make Manitoba’s education system more flexible to allow students to take different pathways to success. This would mean making it easier to transfer credits between different colleges and universities in Manitoba, and also introducing a universal student number. 
  • Help rural, northern and Indigenous students by restoring Pallister’s mean-spirited cut to the ACCESS Bursary; 
  • Work with the business community to develop an online resource to make timely labour market information available to the public. This would show where the jobs are — and where they are going to be, using hiring trends and projections. It would help students plan a path to a good career, and help businesses meet their need for skilled workers, so they can grow and create more jobs.