Kinew Would Make Buying a First Home More Affordable

$1000 off land-transfer tax for first-time home buyers

WINNIPEG — Wab Kinew would make buying a first home more affordable by offering a
$1,000 reduction on the land-transfer tax for first-time homebuyers and people with
disabilities. It is part of the NDP’s commitment to keep life affordable for families.

For an average home in Winnipeg with a selling price of $310,000, land transfer taxes are
$3,920. This policy would reduce the land-transfer tax by 25.5% for first-time home buyers.

“One of the best things about living in Manitoba is that a good quality of life is within reach
for everyday families. We want to help young people build a future here, and that’s what this
commitment is all about,” said Kinew. “Brian Pallister has made your life more expensive, on
everything from Hydro bills to tuition to auto insurance. But we have different priorities. We
will help keep life affordable.”

“As we prepare to welcome our first child we are looking to move out of our rental
apartment and into our first home. There are many additional costs associated with
purchasing a house, and this cut would make a real difference to us as first-time homebuyers,”
Mandeep Gill said.

Manitoba’s NDP estimates this commitment will benefit approximately 8,000 people and cost
the provincial government $8 million per full year, based on data from the Canada Revenue