Kinew Would Give Kids a Better Start in School with Smaller Class Sizes; Rejects Pallister’s Education Cuts

Education is next on Pallister’s chopping block. Only the NDP can stop him


WINNIPEG — Wab Kinew would give kids a better start in school by restoring the limits on K-3 class sizes that Brian Pallister took away from students, replacing classroom Educational Assistants that Pallister cut, and putting new resources into recruiting French-language teachers.

“At a time when education has never been more important, Brian Pallister has actually given K-3 students less one-on-one time with teachers,” said Kinew. “His cuts have already hurt students, and we know there is more to come. While health care was his main target for cuts in his first term, education is next — unless we stop him.”

Kinew committed to several policy measures that would improve schools:

  • Smaller class sizes in Kindergarten to Grade 3 to ensure all students get the foundational learning they need in math, sciences and reading; (reinstating the Smaller Classes Initiative and increasing it by $2 million annually, and earmarking $85 million in schools capital spending to support more classroom construction).
  • Put more education assistants in classrooms to replace the ones cut by Pallister ($1 million);
  • Support French-language students by working with teachers and school divisions, and the francophone community in Manitoba, to recruit more French-language teachers, including a $1 million recruitment fund.

“Ask any teacher you know and they will tell you that class sizes and educational assistants are two of the most crucial aspects of an effective classroom,” said teacher Dustin Beniston. “Smaller class sizes and more educational assistants in schools is good news for everyone. For teachers it means having an extra pair of hands with which to do such important work. For a parent it means that their child will receive more time to have their educational needs met and their successes properly celebrated.”