Kinew Will Build Care Home Expansion for Transcona that Pallister Wouldn’t

NDP will stand up for seniors after another broken health-care promise from Pallister

WINNIPEG — Seniors in Transcona will benefit from an expanded Park Manor personal care home, which Wab Kinew committed to build today as part of Manitoba’s NDP’s key election commitment to fixing Brian Pallister’s health care crisis. Kinew committed to building an 80-bed expansion at a cost to government of to $21.3 million. 

Kinew stood with the Manitoba NDP’s Transcona candidate Nello Altomare outside Park Manor, on the same spot where Brian Pallister stood in 2016 and promised to expand the PCH — a promise Pallister broke.

“Brian Pallister has not started and finished a single PCH bed, after telling Manitobans something different during the 2016 election campaign. It’s just one more broken health-care promise from Pallister,” said Kinew. “Manitobans deserve better. And we will do better for them.”

Kinew also committed to a new approach to PCH construction that would see an NDP government build more PCH beds for seniors in communities across the province.

“Families in Transcona need more PCH beds,” said Altomare. “I am proud to stand here today with Wab Kinew, who will stand up for everyday families in Transcona and get things done.”