Kinew Condemns Pallister’s Plans for MPI Privatization; Pushes to Keep Rates Low for Families

Winnipeg, MB—Today Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew revealed documents that show the Pallister Government is currently considering a scenario where Manitoba Public Insurance “no longer exists”.

“These documents show Pallister is currently examining scenarios where MPI no longer exists. We know what happens with privatization. Well connected insiders profit while regular families have to pay more,” said Kinew. “Public auto insurance rates are lower than private rates – that’s a fact. Pallister’s plans to privatize MPI piece by piece will cost regular Manitobans hundreds of dollars a year”.

FIPPA documents show the Pallister Government on March 11, 2019 ordered MPI to have brokers “own 100% of all online MPI transactions”, including insurance and driver and vehicle assessment. 

On April 18, 2019, the Board of Directors of MPI as part of a 3 year strategic plan examined a scenario entitled “MPI Disbanded” where brokers would “own all pieces of insurance and DVA transactions” (Click to see backgrounder).

“Brian Pallister said he wouldn’t privatize our Crown Corporations in the last election – these documents show that he was not telling the truth. Pallister has made the choice for higher rates and deals for well-connected insiders,” added Kinew. “We know Pallister plans to privatize our Crown Corporations like Hydro and MPI if he gets the chance. Only the Manitoba NDP will make the choice to stand up for regular families, defend lower rates and keep Hydro and MPI public,” said Kinew.