Kinew Condemns Pallister Government’s Closure of Churchill Liquor Store

Winnipeg, MB—Wab Kinew condemned today the Pallister Government’s closure of the Churchill Liquor Store as another instance of the provincial government’s abandoning support for the people of Churchill.

Freedom of Information requests show internal documents from MBLL show the Churchill liquor store was in fact profitable - generating a net income of more than $250,000 per year - and was projected to continue to be profitable in coming years.

What’s more, internal documents state one of the risks of closing the store would be it may “negatively impact the economy and employment in the town”.

“The decision to close the Churchill Liquor Store shows just how much the Premier puts profits for private businesses ahead of the people of the North”, Kinew said. “The store was profitable and supported good jobs in the community, but the Premier closed it anyway. Pallister needs to stop ignoring the North and make sure there are good jobs for families in Churchill”.

The decision to close the Churchill Liquor store was made prior to the restoration of rail service to Churchill and has apparently not been revisited since.

“Pallister has abandoned all support for the people of Churchill. In their time of need, in April 2018, he did nothing to restore service to the rail line,” Kinew said. “Instead he told his Crown Corporation to cut good paying jobs in Churchill and make a dire situation worse.”