A Just Response to the COVID Crisis

A Message from Wab

These are unprecedented times in Manitoba and around the world. The Manitoba NDP is fighting for a just response to the COVID crisis so that everyone in Manitoba can look forward to a bright future once the pandemic is over. You can help by signing our petitions below and sharing this page. 

Miigwech, Merci, Thank You,

Support Parents & Early Childhood Educators - Early Childhood Educators are essential. They deserve to be paid and protected so they can safely do the important work of caring for children during the pandemic. 

Stop Pallister's Post-secondary Cuts - The Pallister government has ordered all colleges and universities in Manitoba to cut their budgets by up to 30%. The Manitoba NDP believes now is the time to invest in higher education and fight for post-secondary staff, students and instructors. 

Stop Pallister's Job Cuts - We believe Pallister should stop his austerity agenda so that Manitoba families can keep their paycheques and the economy can bounce back when the pandemic is over. 

Stop evictions and freeze utility bills - We are calling on the Pallister government to ensure that all Manitoba renters are protected from evictions and get a break on their utility bills during the pandemic.

Help small businesses -  We're calling on the Pallister government to provide targeted supports to small and medium-sized businesses so they can continue to pay their employees and remain open once isolation orders have lifted.

Help for Vulnerable Families - This pandemic hits Manitoba’s most vulnerable people the hardest—the folks who don’t have the income to bulk buy food, pay a phone bill or who are struggling addictions. The province has a responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of every family, no matter their income. 

Keep Pharmacare Affordable - We're calling on the provincial government to cover the costs of prescription refills for Manitobans on Pharmacare for the next sixty days. This way seniors and other people who rely on Pharmacare can avoid paying out of pocket for their medication.

Support for Manitoba's Producers - We're calling for the provincial government to help cover input costs like seed, feed and labour so that Manitoba producers can keep our supply chains running during the pandemic. 

Protect Jobs & Support Workers -  Now more than ever, working families are relying on government to protect their jobs and support them through fiscal uncertainty. 

Protect Public Health in the Justice System -The Manitoba NDP is urging the province to take steps to mitigate the spread of the virus in Manitoba's correctional facilities and keep those within our justice system safe.