Keep Hydro Public

In 1996 the Filmon Conservatives privatized MTS. They claimed for years they weren’t going to do it - but then it did anyway. Phone bills went up, Manitobans lost their jobs, and we lost control in one of our most successful Crown Corporations. 

For years the Pallister government has denied their plans to privatize Manitoba Hydro. Meanwhile they’ve raised rates for families and businesses and are winding down or selling off profitable Hydro subsidiaries, like Teshmont and Manitoba Hydro International. Now they're trying to push through Bill 35 - legislation that allows the PCs to make decisions about Hydro in secret at the cabinet table by weakening the powers of the Public Utilities Board. 

In fall 2020, a leaked recording revealed Pallister’s Manitoba Hydro CEO saying what happened to MTS will now happen to Hydro. That’s wrong.

We can’t let Pallister do to Hydro what Filmon did to MTS.

I want to keep Hydro public. 

Will you sign?