Help for Vulnerable Families

This pandemic hits Manitoba’s most vulnerable people the hardest—the folks who don’t have the income to bulk buy food, pay a phone bill or who are struggling addictions. The province has a responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of every family, no matter their income. 

The Manitoba NDP is calling on the Pallister government to help the most vulnerable families and those struggling with addictions during the COVID-19 pandemic by: 

  • Boosting funding for emergency shelters, food banks and frontline community organizations that help families access food and supplies;
  • Increase EIA rates so more Manitobans can access grocery stores and promise that no person should be disqualified from benefits during the pandemic; 
  • Increase RentAssist and relax the qualifying rules, including making it available to low-income homeowners, as well as extend the deadline to file applications in light of slower processing times;
  • Safely and quickly make repairs to existing social housing units so that more families can find quality housing; and
  • Provide clean needles and safe disposal containers to Manitobans struggling with addictions as part of a harm reduction approach and ensure those detoxing in isolation have access to supports like suboxone.


Will you sign?