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While Brian Pallister has created a few lucrative jobs for high-priced consultants and his powerful friends, regular Manitobans have suffered from his choices. It is harder than ever for a young person to find a good job. It’s harder for working families to make ends meet, especially because Pallister has kept the minimum wage below poverty level. And at a time when lifelong education and training has never been more important, Pallister has actually made attending university and college more expensive, and changed the law so that students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 receive LESS one-on-one time with their teachers.

Manitoba employers regularly single out skill shortages as their major impediment to growth, so Pallister’s cuts are not just hurting students — they are hurting our economy as a whole.

Every Manitoban who wants to work should be able to find work. Even if we can’t get there all at once, that is the goal. And no one who works full-time hours should be stuck living in poverty.

Wab Kinew is a young, tech-savvy leader who understands the role of education in allowing people of all ages to overcome obstacles and succeed. And as Premier, he’s committed to investing in schools, universities, and colleges.

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