A Plan For All of Us


Our Three Commitments to You:

  1. Fix Pallister's Health Care Crisis
  2. Good Jobs and Sustainable Growth
  3. An Affordable Quality of Life

Read our plan here.

Brian Pallister just isn’t working for you

We all have hopes and dreams. And we want the best for ourselves and for our families.

But life is getting harder in Manitoba. A lot of people are struggling – they’re worried about the future. And there’s a growing feeling that the system is stacked against everyday people. Because it is.

Brian Pallister and the Conservatives are working to keep it that way. He’s focused on helping his well-connected friends at the top – while leaving the rest of us behind:

  • Closing Emergency Rooms and firing nurses
  • Ballooning class sizes and cutting supports for kids
  • Slashing roads funding by 40%, making our roads less safe
  • Giving contracts to well-connected insiders known for selling-off public services
  • He will bring in heath-care premiums — a new tax on health care unless we stop him.

Wab Kinew and Manitoba’s NDP have a plan for all of us. It's time for a government that’s in it for families like yours.