Fix Pallister's Health Care Crisis

Brian Pallister has closed Emergency Rooms, fired hundreds of nurses, eliminated 140 acute-care beds, and plunged the health care system — the one your family relies on — into chaos. Rural communities have seen ERs close because there aren’t enough doctors to staff them. The air ambulance, which helped save lives by ensuring Manitobans could be reached in the event of an emergency far from hospital, has been sold off. And Pallister cancelled northern health services that families and seniors relied on. And yet, with all these cuts, Pallister also chose to create a new bureaucratic agency in health care.

Another term of Pallister will mean more cuts and chaos. And he will bring in health care premiums — a new tax on health care — unless we stop him.

Wab Kinew is passionate about health care. It’s one of the reasons he got into public life. A Manitoba NDP government will stop the crisis and chaos in health care, make wise investments that focus more on prevention — keeping people healthy and at home in their community.

For example, when Pallister cut outpatient physiotherapy, he may have saved a few dollars in the short term, but it hurt patients and made health care less efficient overall. Services like the ones he cut allow people to stay healthy at home for longer. That gives people a better quality of life, and avoids costly re-hospitalizations and repeat surgeries. Investing in prevention and community health, and reducing social inequality, today, are among the best ways to reduce ER visits in the future. That’s why our vision is for a public health care system that’s strong, always accessible when you need it, and focused on prevention to keep Manitobans healthy.

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