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Elliot is currently a Vice-Principal at Edmund Partridge Community School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His family has deep roots in North Kildonan, with his Amma growing up in the area and going to school at Victory and Centennial schools. Elliot believes in the area and moved to Kildonan to begin a family with his partner Jenny.

Before moving to Edmund Partridge Community School, Elliot was a teacher at West Kildonan Collegiate. He coaches basketball and was a football coach at West Kildonan. Elliot was also a competitive swimmer growing up, competing nationally and internationally, and he swam at university for three years while completing his first degree. Amateur sport has always been important to
him as a way to give back to his community and help young people grow confidence and leadership skills.

After graduating with a BA in Geography from the University of Manitoba, he worked with Fisheries and Oceans Canada as a freshwater fisheries biologist. He focused on species at risk and invasive species within Manitoba and the Prairies. The experiences of being in the field and working in the sciences got him to reflect on his own experiences in education.

Elliot’s passion is education. He believes that it can truly make life better for every family, no matter their start in life. He graduated with a B.Ed. from the University of Manitoba and is currently working on his master’s degree in education. Elliot is also the president of the Manitoba Middle Years Association, which helps build a better understanding of the educational needs of young
adolescents—the same young people who bear the brunt of Brian Pallister’s cuts to schools. Elliot’s time in the classroom has shown him how important it is to make sure every student receives the time and resources they need to succeed.

Elliot also started a swim program for students with disabilities or different abilities that began with a small committed group of 15 and has grown to well over 70 swimmers. The program continues today, giving students an opportunity to continue swimming after school is completed.

One of the pillars of Elliot’s approach to teaching is to build strong relationships. In the same way, he will listen to and stand up for families in Kildonan-River East, whether it’s on health care, education or better job opportunities for young people. This how Elliot will build a stronger community, one family at a time.



Address: 1560 Main Street

Phone: 204-219-3953