Stop Pallister's Plan for School Cuts

The Manitoba NDP knows every child in our schools deserves the supports they need to succeed. And we know parents and educators are the real experts in education, not high-priced consultants. Just like he did with healthcare, Brian Pallister is preparing to make more cuts to our schools.

He ordered a review of public schools - and when Pallister reviews services like education, we know what it means: more cuts to classrooms.

What’s worse is that Pallister has already made cuts to schools. He eliminated a cap on class sizes, closed a curriculum library for teachers and has made de facto cuts to schools for the last three years. That’s the wrong approach.

The Manitoba NDP is fighting for high quality public education for every child. We want small class sizes for our youngest learners. We want more supports in our classrooms, like educational assistants, not less. That’s because we know supporting our kids and schools is an investment in our future.

While Brian Pallister makes cuts, we're listening to parents, educators and students. We need to hear your voice. Please tell us how Conservative cuts to classrooms would impact your family.

In your opinion, what factors are most important for your child to receive a high quality education?

Ex. one-on-one time with the teacher, special needs funding, EA support, classroom resources, free breakfast/lunch program, etc.