Echo Asher

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Echo Asher was raised on a farm in Dawson Trail outside Anola, where her mother still lives. Echo is bilingual, having gone to immersion schools since Grade 1, and maintaining her French by taking classes at Alliance Française. Echo has two young children with her husband, Brian, and is self-employed as a photographer.

Echo started her career working in concessions at the old Winnipeg Arena and has mostly stayed in customer service. Before she started her own business, she worked at the Royal Canadian Mint giving tours in French and English. At the Mint, she was also a shop steward for Public Service Alliance Canada and part of the Green Committee and Mental Health Working Group.

Echo is passionate about the environment and wants to make sure her children – and all our children – can enjoy the natural world long into the future. She is concerned about what Brian Pallister’s cuts to education and health care will mean to families like hers. Echo is running for Manitoba’s NDP in Dawson Trail because she wants to work with a government that will put the well- being of everyday people first.