Demand An Affordable Quality Of Life


One of the best things about Manitoba is that a good quality of life is affordable for families. While most Manitobans don’t own lavish villas in Costa Rica, camping in a provincial park, fishing trips, or maybe spending time at a family cottage on Lake Winnipeg are all within reach.

But Brian Pallister is making things harder. He’s made it more expensive to heat your home, more expensive to go to university or college, and, if you live in Winnipeg, he’s made your property taxes go up. He actually intervened in MPI to force Manitobans to pay more for auto insurance — and protect the profits of private insurance brokers. He promised to build more personal care homes, but has not opened a single bed. He’s done all of this while giving out millions in lucrative contracts to his powerful friends.

Added to this, the threats to a good quality of life are being felt more and more, as a result of the climate crisis. It is the defining issue of our time, with far-reaching global consequences, and real effects here at home. In addition to floods and wildfires that threaten communities, more Manitobans are suffering from health problems from breathing smoke in the air. And we risk losing jobs due to disruptions in industry and agriculture. That’s why we will take strong steps to address climate change, protect our homes, and secure our children’s futures. Our focus is on getting results for you, not political posturing like the Conservatives do.


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