Daylight Saving Consultation

The NDP is holding a public consultation with Manitobans to examine the issue of Daylight Saving Time and whether Manitobans want to move to a different system of time observance - and if so, what kind of change would be best. 

Jurisdictions across Canada have passed legislation or held public consultations to address the issue of how time is observed. In cases where a province, like B.C., has decided to eliminate time changes legislators have cited evidence that it can have negative impacts on the health and safety of families--like an increased risk of heart attacks, depression, and even a shorter life expectancy. In Manitoba, MPI reports an uptick in the number of traffic accidents. Health and safety organizations see a rise in the number of workplace injuries in the weeks following time-change.

We are ready to listen to Manitobans and want to hear their voices on this issue. 


Do you want to change how time is observed in Manitoba?