Dashi Zargani

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Dashi Zargani is a community volunteer and father of three has lived and worked in the south end of Winnipeg for nearly 20 years. He is committed to working with Waverley residents and using his experience in government to make life better for families.

Dashi has extensive experience in both the public and private sector. Most recently, he worked for the minister of Infrastructure and Transportation. Dashi also served as a member of the Highways Traffic and Transportation Board. In these roles, he used his knowledge of government to help many families from all parts of the province who were experiencing challenges with roads and highways.

As a community resident and active volunteer, Dashi understands the importance of community health and recreation for our youth, seniors and families. He has taken a leadership role in running a local non-profit organization and he is involved in the Winnipeg cultural scene as the president of the Iraqi Cultural Centre. He strongly believes in the importance of encouraging healthy and active lifestyles for people of all ages.

Dashi and his wife Nadia have two sons and a daughter who go to school in Waverley. They keep him busy attending their basketball practices and other activities. Dashi is ready to put his experience and commitment to work for families in south Winnipeg. He knows that when we work together as a community we can keep our city healthy and safe.


202-2989 Pembina Highway

Email: dashi.zargani@mbndp.ca