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Darcy and her husband have three children and live in Sifton, Manitoba. She is a successful business development manager who has lived and worked in the Dauphin area for over 30 years. Beginning as an entry level clerk, she worked her way up while raising three children to become the general manager of a 33-employee company.

Darcy is responsible for expanding her company’s business operations and increasing sales while also working with local employment programs to provide training and work opportunities for job seekers in the community.

Darcy's extensive business experience has made her a well-known community leader in the Dauphin area, and she has worked hard to incorporate a community development lens into her company's practices.

Darcy understands the importance of education and health care to rural economies and the well-being of families in the Dauphin area. She will stand up to Brian Pallister’s cuts to our hospitals and schools. Her dedication to entrepreneurship and community building has given her a sterling reputation. Darcy will be a strong voice for the people of Dauphin in the Manitoba legislature.


Email: darcy.scheller@mbndp.ca

Address: 301 Main St N
Dauphin R7N 1C5