Danielle Adams

  • Critic for Childcare, Housing, Disability and Poverty Matters

Danielle Adams loves Thompson and has always been a strong member of the Northern community.

Through her community involvement and her work in MP Niki Ashton's constituency office, Danielle has connected with people and communities throughout the North. Danielle stands as an ally with First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, new Canadians, and the LGBTQ2S community. She is an active feminist.

As the NDP Critic for Childcare, Housing, Disability and Poverty Matters, Danielle is a strong advocate for giving families the support they deserve.

Danielle and her partner Bill have two boys. They are committed to keeping the North vibrant, so their sons and all children can have a bright future.

Constituency Office: 402-79 Selkirk Ave, Thompson, R8N 0M5
Phone Number: 204-677-2744
Fax: 204-677-2803
Email: [email protected]