Cuts to Economic Development Program Will Hurt the North

Government must invest in the North: Lindsey

Winnipeg, MB – NDP MLA for Flin Flon Tom Lindsey is calling on the Pallister government to reverse its decision to cut $430,000 from the Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF), a 30% reduction in the Province’s annual contribution to the fund.

“The Pallister government says it cares about jobs in northern Manitoba. Yet after two years of promises, funds that support northern business have been cut,” said Lindsey.

The CEDF provides loans to start or grow small and medium sized businesses in northern Manitoba, and it also helps improve opportunities for Indigenous Manitobans living in the north. Important industries, such as tourism, fisheries and forestry rely on loans provided by the CEDF. Attached is a list of organizations that received loans from CEDF in 2016-17.

Lindsey called into question whether the government was committed to northern development and demanded Pallister reverse course and invest in the north.

“Jobs are leaving the north. We're dealing with mine closures, a closed rail line, and industry shutdowns that are hitting communities hard. We need these investments more than ever before,” said Lindsey. “The Pallister government is handing down these cuts without properly consulting residents in the north, and they just don’t care about the damage these cuts will cause. They need to listen to people in the north, and they need to reverse course.”