NDP Convention Resolutions


One of the primary activities at Convention is delegates debating and voting on policy resolutions.  Resolutions are how proposals and ideas are transformed into position statements and calls to action for the Party.

Constituency Association, affiliates, Party Committees, MYND, and Provincial Executive can all propose resolutions for Convention.  Resolutions from Constituency Associations and MYND must be debated and passed at a local membership meeting, while affiliates, Committees and Executive must pass them at a regular meeting.

Resolutions must be received by Provincial Office by Tuesday, March 3, 2020 to be considered at ConventionIt is preferred that Resolutions be submitted electronically via email to convention@mbndp.ca

Any resolutions submitted to Provincial Office by Tuesday, February 4, 2020 will be sent to constituencies, affiliates, MYND and committees in order to help facilitate the sharing of resolutions, to avoid duplication, and allow for resolutions to have greater supporter attached to them. 

All resolutions submitted for consideration will be reviewed by the Convention Resolutions Committee, who has a mandate to prioritize resolutions and set the initial order of debate at Convention.  More information on the resolution prioritization process can be found here.

The Manitoba NDP has adopted a clear language resolution format for its Conventions.  Information on the resolution format can be found here.