NDP Convention Registration

Once a member is selected by the constituency association or affiliate as a delegate, or if they are an automatic delegate, they can register for convention.  Only registered delegates are entitled to attend Convention, and to participate in policy discussion, votes, and other Convention activities. 

More information on delegate allotments and types can be found here.

The delegate registration fees for Convention are as follows:

  • Regular Delegate (Early Bird) // $125.00 early bird, available until April 3rd, 2020
  • Regular Delegate // $150.00
  • Low-income Delegate // $75.00
  • MYND // $50.00

Registration forms can be found here and must be signed and submitted to the Manitoba NDP Provincial Office at 803-294 Portage Ave, Winnipeg MB  R3C 0B9.  Scanned copies can be emailed to convention@mbndp.ca, but the original copy must be provided on request.

If you are a delegate and you require childcare during Convention, please click here for more information.  Please include the Childcare Registration form along with your Convention registration form.

Members and non-members can register to attend as guests, though they will only be permitted to view Convention proceedings and not to participate.  Visitor registration forms can be found here.