NDP Convention Awards

At each Convention, the Manitoba NDP presents several awards to recognize the dedication and commitment of Party activists.  These awards include the Lucille Ono Award, the Stanley Knowles Solidarity Award, and Pioneer Awards.  Information on each award can be found below

Nominations for these awards should take the form of a letter detailing the reasons for nomination and be forwarded to the Provincial Secretary, 878 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0P1 or emailed to [email protected] by Friday, September 30, 2022.



For many years our top award has been named in memory of Lucille Ono. Lucille’s story is filled with emotion and reminds us what it means to be a New Democrat.

Lucille was born in Canada to Japanese Canadian parents and lived her first 25 years in British Columbia.

Lucille’s husband passed away in 1940 in an industrial accident. In 1941 Lucille, her two daughters and her parents were incarcerated in an internment camp. This was Lucille’s first encounter with politics in Canada. She and her family noted that the CCF was the only party speaking out against the internment

After their release, Lucille and her family, having been stripped of all property and possessions, moved to Manitoba where she immediately involved herself with the CCF and eventually the NDP.

Selling homemade baking, donating to and running garage sales, Lucille volunteered her time to further the cause of social justice through the CCF/NDP. A dedicated and tireless volunteer, Lucille spent many hours in people’s homes selling Party memberships and was a regular at Provincial Office. Her daughter Pat married Al Mackling who was a cabinet minister with the Ed Schreyer and Howard Pawley governments.

In 1981, in what remains an unsolved murder, Lucille was slain in her St. James home. In a move so typical of Lucille the majority of her estate was left to the NDP. The Lucille Ono award is our top award proudly presented at each and every annual convention.

The Lucille Ono Award is given to long-term members who have worked at several different levels of the organization and who have demonstrated steadfast support of the party and its principles. The Lucille Ono Award will be presented by Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew at Convention 2022



The Stanley Knowles Solidarity Award is presented at each convention to a trade unionist who has shown a deep commitment to working people and the achievement of social justice through recognized contributions to the union movement and the Manitoba NDP.

Stanley Knowles epitomized the special relationship between party and labour that this award is intended to recognize. 

As a lifelong member of the International Typographical Union, a founding member of the CCF/NDP, member of the CLC Executive, and a long serving Member of Parliament, Stanley Knowles worked tirelessly to advance the cause of social justice for working people through both labour and party.  

The award is presented at each convention of the Manitoba New Democratic Party and nominations are received from individuals, affiliates and constituencies.



Pioneer Awards are presented at each Convention to members who have a demonstrated history of activism and supporting the work of their constituency association.  These individuals are the unsung heroes of our Party as they step up to do the grassroots work that makes our Party successful. 

Several Pioneer Awards are presented at each convention of the Manitoba NDP and nominations are received from Constituency Associations.