Child Care is Essential

The Pallister government has left parents and Early Childhood Educators confused and stressed during COVID-19.

First, they said childcare centres had to stay open if they want to continue receiving government funding - but then they backtracked when parents and childcare centres spoke out. But without new funding or supports, childcare centres are being forced to layoff workers and parents still have to pay fees during this difficult time."

The Manitoba NDP is calling on the Pallister government to: 

  • Cover child care costs for every family, including essential workers, and continue funding centres so they can keep staff on payroll and reopen when safe.
  • Guarantee every Early Childhood Educator who was laid off because of closures will have a job when lockdown is lifted. 
  • Provide masks and gloves to child care centres so that workers and children stay safe. 

Child care is an essential services and Early Childhood Educators deserve to be paid and protected. Sign our petition if you agree! 

I support Early Childhood Educators during COVID-19. 

Will you sign?