Andrew Podolecki

Volunteer for Dashi Zargani - NDP Candidate for Waverley
Donate to Dashi Zargani - NDP Candidate for Brandon West

Born in North Vancouver, Andrew Podolecki has called Manitoba home from a very young age. He is currently a student at the University of Winnipeg completing a BA in Political Science and Economics, with plans to pursue a career in education.

Andrew has a longstanding record of community service, volunteering with Craig Street Cats, Canadian Blood Services, and Concordia Hospital. He is passionate about public service and ran for Winnipeg city council in 2014 and 2018, as well as provincially in 2016.

As a former health care worker at Concordia Hospital, Andrew understands the difficult situation facing front-line staff, who are struggling in the face of Brian Pallister’s reckless cuts and ER closures. He is committed to fixing Pallister’s health care crisis, creating more jobs and training opportunities for Manitobans, continuing to build up our schools and universities, and fighting climate change to make sure every one can experience the best in life.